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When traveling on your motorcycle space is a premium so you have to make some hard choices when it comes to eating. Keeping things cold is extremely hard unless you want to devote a great deal of room to a cooler and even then some items are just not viable. Depending on your budget eating out for every meal is also not a good option and it can also be time consuming to eat at a restaurant. The faster options are not a good idea for me as they can have adverse reactions to saving time, as in McDonalds or the like.

Cooking your own food is great when you get to camp or if you have a bigger budget and can spring for a room with a kitchen. Stopping at the market close to camp or room will keep any food from going bad and gives you the healthiest choices. If you bring along a compact stove like a JetBoil or similar you could even make a quick hot lunch on the trail/roadside and enjoy the scenery.

I try to stay away from the gas station or fast food as it can wreak havoc on my stomach and keep off the bike, (It sucks getting old). We generally keep granola bars, or snacks on the bike for when we do a quick stop to stretch. This can hold you over, if done often throughout the day, till dinner time. most of the time when I am riding I need to force myself to eat as I am having too much fun and it just doesn’t register that I am hungry. Maybe this has something to do with the mental state you get in while riding down the road or just my personal issue but someone much smarter than me will have to figure that one out.

Some of the options we went through in the Podcast are quick and easy to make, they also pack small and are light. If you are looking for some of the links they can be found below. Typically the wife and I when on the bike snack throughout the day after a decent breakfast and stop to eat dinner just before or in walking distance of the Hotel. This is one of the decisions we make once we figure out where abouts we will be staying. If the Hotel has choices in walking distance we go straight there, if not we find a dinner or local restaurant on the way to the hotel.

Links of some Items talked about in the Podcast!

BaroCook Flameless Cooker
Mountain House meals

Another Item we alluded to but did not mention is Omeals. I have received a few of these recently and tried the vegetable stew with beef and it was good. I used cold water and it took about 3 or 4 minutes to warm it up. My only negative comment would be they are small for me but I am sure it is the recommended serving size. I will be doing a review on my YouTube channel soon if you wanted to see how they work before trying them yourself.
Omeals add water to self heat – Omeals Website

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