This week Cody and I had a chance to sit down and talk to Amanda Zito from the YouTube channel As The Magpie Flies!

Amanda has been killing it over on YouTube and recently passed the 20k subscriber count. She also has been doing quite a bit of travel and you can see all of her journeys on her channel. We talked with her about the love of motorcycles and how she got into the “life” of motorcycle travel. Amanda shared some amazing stories and imparted some of the wisdom she has gained from her travels as well. She is also an amazing artist not just in the video area but one of her true loves is sketching and drawing. If you would like to see some of Amanda’s artwork there are links at the bottom of this page that you can go and purchase some of her work and at the same time help her fund more adventures!

Amanda’s website where you can find links to her YouTube, Instagram etc
As The Magpie Flies website:

As The Magpie Flies YouTube:

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