Show notes from our latest episodes including any links where applicable!

Traveling around the world on a motorcycle with a 75lb dog as a pillion and not in a side car.
What would you say when someone asks you for your experience on a motorcycle? Would you say I have been riding for X number of years or would you instead say I have ridden for X number of miles? Most of us that have been in […]
Should you ride a Dual Sport or an ADV bike? It is not so simple to just pick one or the other. What you intend to do on that bike will ultimately decide what bike is right for you or right for todays ride. Both classes […]
In our new Episode we discussed tools you may need to take with you when you go for a ride! Some of these things may not be what you would think to pack in your backpack or saddlebags when just going for a quick ride but […]
This week Cody and I had a chance to sit down and talk to Amanda Zito from the YouTube channel As The Magpie Flies! Amanda has been killing it over on YouTube and recently passed the 20k subscriber count. She also has been doing quite a […]
Rated M Special guest: Dan from MOTOTOMIC on this weeks podcast. In our fist ever guest appearance, Dan from MOTOTOMIC dropped in and we talked about what the inspiration was behind the brand. We covered a host of topics mostly centered around motorcycles. If you have […]
Camping 101: Comfort Items We come back to the camping 101 series of podcasts this week! For this episode we talked a bit about comfort items that you may or may not take with you on your camping trips. Cody was glowing over his new chair […]
What If the EPISODE! We had a little fun this week and did a whole podcast centered around the weekly segment “What If?” We love doing this segment on the weekly podcast because the questions are sent in by the listeners and although we have them […]
Bike Maintenance before a Trip When planning a trip on your motorcycle the most important piece of gear is the actual motorcycle itself. Making sure it is in top form and ready to go can also be a task for those without funds to have a […]