Camping 101: Comfort Items

We come back to the camping 101 series of podcasts this week! For this episode we talked a bit about comfort items that you may or may not take with you on your camping trips. Cody was glowing over his new chair from Mulibex (link below) that he was calling a Ferrari of camping chairs. Not because it was fast but because you look at the price and then see the craftmanship and it is worth the price tag! Camp chair is in his opinion a borderline must have for him and for most would be called a comfort item.

As with most things in this world everyone’s idea of comfort will be different. To most the essential items will include your sleep system, and some items in the sleep system might be optional for some (sleep pad or pillow come to mind) depending on their idea of roughing it.

If you are looking for camping gear that is better geared towards motorcycle camping check out Moto Camp Nerd (link below) for some gear that is centered around small packability and light weight.

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Links to items mentioned in the podcast:


Moto Camp Nerd

Check out our friends over at MOTOTOMIC and use the code ThrottledADV for 20% off your purchase

2 Responses

  1. Sounds like you all covered everything, only thing i could think of was maybe a hammock. The what if question was to easy lol, i should have said $200 instead, that was a pretty good setup for $500…but no way to carry all that gear! Maybe a hefty bag lol.

    • All of that stuff Cody listed off would be packable on a motorcycle. It was a great What if question and one of Cody’s favorites so far, we are researching and will probably do an episode on the topic. I will have to add the $200 setup to the mix as I am sure some will only have that much to work with, that was a good point! Thanks Jay, appreciate you following along and giving us some suggestions!

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