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Jess and Greg are planning to travel the world with their dog Moxie. No big deal right? Except they aren’t traveling by car, plane, bus or even train. The actual plan is to travel by motorcycle and Moxie will be there every step of the way. Now your thinking so what, Moxie is a chihuahua or some other small dog. Wrong, Moxie is a 75 pound German Shepherd and she does not ride in a side car but on the back of Jess’s BMW!

I bet I have your attention now. Yes what you read is all true, and the story gets even better. Jess and Greg are the owners of Ruffly, and they manufacture all kinds of ETHICAL outdoor dog gear. Leashes, poop bags, collars, cockpits and more.

Yes COCKPITS. They are the inventors, designers and manufacturers of a K9 moto cockpit for medium and large dogs. Amazing right? I am not even done with the surprises coming from this inspiring couple. Jess has dedicated an 18 month trip to raise awareness and money for the global organization GIRL UP.

Girl UP is a worldwide organization that has helped 95,000 girls in 5,000 clubs from nearly 130 countries and all 50 U.S. states offering training, support and guidance to young girls and women all over the world.

Back to Jess, Greg and Moxie. They are starting their trip from Guatemala in early March and will be traveling by motorcycles around the world while still running their business and raising a goal of $100,000 for Girl UP. This would be quite a feat in normal times but due to the pandemic still spreading in 2022 and crossing countries borders and their fluid rule changes, it is going to be an amazing journey. You can follow along if you head over to their YouTube channel and watch the on 2 wheels + 4 paws series, that Jess and Greg have said will be updated weekly.

If this story grabbed your interest and you would like to learn more or even better help Jess reach her goal by donating please check the links below where you will find everything from Girl Up to and the before mentioned YouTube channel. Also if you like podcasts you can click the player below or follow the top link to our listen page where you can choose the podcast app of your preference.

Listen to the podcast interview of Jess and Greg

Visit Ruffly website

Donate to the fundraiser

Watch some On 2 Wheels + 4 Paws videos

Girl Up

If you are a supporter of the Throttled Adventures Podcast on Patreon you will be glad to know that all of our support from the month of Feb will be donated to Jess for the Girl Up and we will match up to $500. Join Patreon here

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