What is Adventure to You?

Adventure by definition is: an unusual and exciting, typically dangerous experience or activity. This has motorcycles written all over it, exciting from the riders perspective, dangerous and possibly unusual to someone who does not ride. I for one usually get excited at the beginning of the ride because I enjoy it so much, but the excitement tends to die down and a calmness settles in the further I go. Granted when I see a particular stretch of curvy road or rough trail that looks like fun, excitement comes slamming back and makes the pulse quicken. I think if you truly enjoy motorcycles this is a normal reaction and one that we all relish each time out.

Adventure can mean a lot of things to different people, hiking, skiing, mountain biking etc. but at the core to me it means exploring. Even if that is in a place you are familiar with, time changes roads, trails, and paths as well as the change in weather conditions. After a summer rain storm there is likely to be down limbs and possibly trees across any of these places. Running water can move the earth to either create ruts, washouts or even just to put gravel or sand on a paved road.

I enjoy exploring out of the way places on and off road. give me a windy road out in the country or a snaking dirt track and I will get lost for hours on end. To me that is the idea behind riding motorcycles, To Get Lost. Not as in I cant find my way but as in to just ramble about with no pre set destination, or at least no selected route to that destination. Like the song says “Take the long way home!” I tend to stay away from downtown, highways and the like unless absolutely necessary. If it is necessary I usually take the truck as I am running errands or heading to a function of some capacity. My motorcycle riding is for enjoyment and on my free time, I like it that way and tend to enjoy it more. While riding home from work can be nice as you can take the long way, feeling rushed or pinned to arriving at work at a specific time detracts from the enjoyment. Not to mentu=ion the deep desire to keep riding past the driveway to work!

Links to a few of the things we talked about in the podcast!



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  1. You guys had some good points on adventures! A motorcycle can definitely turn a regular ride into something unexpected. Just a quick question about gear you mentioned, what about the tusk rackless luggage? Im sure it wont handle abuse like Cody would put it through as far as using alot, but what about for someone like me who wants to go out alot and camp but just doesn’t take the time! I live my adventures through youtube lol! P.S. i cant do the 790 but gas money is definitely more likely!

    • Sorry Jay, guess we covered this in the Podcast but forgot to leave a response. Thank you so much for following along and leaving us a comment!

    • That is good news about the new Mosko 40. It seems like a great option for smaller dual sports and if it has improvements coming that is even better news!

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