Something about hoping on a motorcycle brings a feeling of freedom that just can’t be explained to someone that has never experienced it. The smells are crisper and more vibrant, and the temperature change you feel when going through a shaded part of the road, if you have not experienced it you might not believe me.

It is hard to convince someone that has never experienced the feeling of freedom that you get riding down the road. Your view of your surroundings is so much different on a bike compared to in a car. There aren’t any pillars holding the windshield in place blocking any part of your view. The hyper awareness you are in while on a motorcycle may play into this but I am not a scientist or doctor so I really can’t explain it.

The smells that you encounter seem so much more potent, good and bad unfortunately. Something about being in a car keeps those smells of fresh cut grass, cookouts and freshly cut wood from being as strong as they are in even a closed helmet.

Driving down the road in a car when you enter a stretch of road that is totally shaded, you usually do not feel the temperature change unless maybe you are in a convertible. On a motorcycle this shaded area feels like you just rode into a refrigerator sometimes. I have seen the temperature on my motorcycle dash drop as many as 5 degrees going into the shade. This just adds to the feeling of freedom you get on a motorcycle.

What Freedoms do motorcycles give for you? Drop us a comment below!

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  1. Hey guys, great podcast topic! I definitely agree with the hyper awareness while riding, some things your just not going to experience in a vehicle…especially the farm fragrances! My (what if) question would be,. What if you only had the 500 and you wanted to get into moto camping?

  2. Hi – I do not ride motor bikes nor do I always know what you guys are talking about but i love to listen. I have finally caught up on all podcasts. I am sure there is a reason, and I am going to ask anyway, why do you not have video of your podcasts? Would like to watch your facial expressions as much as listening to what you say. I also have a “What If” question….. What if you are Motor Bike Mike and did not have a motor bike? What are the options and how would you get the PERFECT Motor Bike?

    • Thank you for leaving a comment “S” we are so happy that you enjoy listening. We do post some video on YouTube but do not have the full episode listed. We have been trying to put a small 5 minute clip up there each episode. Honestly we have not thought that this may be something more people would like to see as the length would be hard to digest in one sitting. It does warrant some serious thought, thanks for bringing this to our attention. As for Motor Bike Mike, I will add him to the list of what if questions. Thanks again for following along, we truly love doing these and the fact that others are enjoying it means the world to us both!

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