How many Motorcycles do you Need?

This is a question that each individual person will come up with an individual answer. In all reality because our personalities are all different the answer for each person will also be different. Where you live and how much space you have available for storage will also carry some weight in this discussion.

If I had my own garage with enough room I would definitely have a different view on my allotment of bikes. Currently the space I have to keep the bikes is limited and not ideal. I keep my vintage motocross bike at a friends, and my BMW along with the Honda are here in my small garage (too small for a car) and there is no electricity so working on the bikes is not a great option. Fortunately I have friends and family with space for me to work on the bikes, but that is not ideal either.

I currently have one off road only vintage bike (1988 Kawasaki KX 250), an on road only version adv bike (BMW F750GS) and the newest is a dual sport (CRF250L). I feel this gives me a bike for all occasions but as many will say you can only ride one bike at a time. I have to admit that choosing some days is harder than just a coin flip, because they all do different things. If I feel like ripping around the track and going off jumps the decision is easy, as well as, if I want to go for a long ride out across the state. Where it gets difficult is when I do not have any predetermined destination. I sometimes find myself debating which bike to take for a ride as they all do different types of riding.

In a perfect world these decisions are easy but alas we live in an imperfect world. I think I have found the so called sweet spot for me but for you that might be too many or too few. This question is undoubtedly one that only you can answer. Do you have room for more than one bike, in your garage? do you have room for more than one bike in your life? Some may only have enough free time to make one machine viable. Money could be a limiting factor as well.

Riding a bike designed for the task you are performing gives the most enjoyment for sure but there are models out there that can bridge gaps and provide you with access to other forms of riding. If you want to travel and do some minor off road exploring getting yourself any adventure bike will fill both of those needs. If you like to stay local and do more off road exploring a dual sport, or an off road only machine would be the best choices. Though with an off road only motorcycle, you will have to transport the bike to wherever you are going to ride, via Truck or trailer.

There are so many different types of motorcycles out there because, there are so many different types of riding, and a specialized bike is usually prefered. If you are going to compete the specialized bike is not only prefered it is required in some cases by rule. This leaves us the consumer with a dilemma of which bike do I buy (first)?

Ultimately – To answer this question of how many, you really need to answer a different question first.

What type (or How many types) of riding do you want to do?

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