Buying and Researching Gear for motorcycle riding.

If you ride a motorcycle you are well aware that you will never be done buying gear either for you or your bike. If it is because something is worn out or you purchase a new bike, or even if there is a better option out there now.

There are ways to save some money when you purchase your new gear. Sometimes it can work out with colors but if the color is a must have this may not work. For me when I was buying my MX helmet I got lucky and the color I wanted and the size I needed were from a previous years graphic style. I was able to get that helmet at greater than 50% discount.

When you start looking for whatever it is you want, look at several online retailers and look for their warehouse deals or open box deals. Sometimes you can get a good discount buying something that is still functional but has a slight scuff or blemish. Like I mentioned before you will be limited in color and size but you never know until you look.

When you are researching new gear for your travels, put in the time to watch a few viand read a few reviews on different retailers. nothing is worse than paying hundreds of dollars for something only to find that it does not do what you had planned for it to do. If you watch a few videos on YouTube as a question in the comments about what you are looking for this item to do. Most YouTube creators will answer comments fairly quickly and you get a first hand answer to the question, sometimes from another viewer as well. Amazon allows you to ask questions as well but the answers can sometimes be not so helpful.

If you still need questions answered, Revzilla is a good place to start. I can not speak to any of the other retailers as I have more experience with Revzilla. Calling or sending an email to the gear geeks at Revzilla usually will result in a detailed answer from a knowledgeable person. I have had great experiences with doing this and they have helped me decide on a few pieces of gear.

Another place to do some research is in forums for motorcycle riders. Try and find one that is related to your type of riding as they will have more people with the knowledge you are seeking.

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