Bucket List of Rides!

Do you have a bucket list of rides that you would like to do? Both Cody and I have some rides that we would like to accomplish before we have to hang up our helmets for good.

Some of the rides we talked about were the World Tour, Pacific Coast Highway, Dalton Highway and of course Cody’s favorite topic the BDR’s. Check below this article for links to some of the topics we referenced in the Podcast.

Walter Kitundu posted on his YouTube channel of the same name a video of his trip up the Dalton Highway (link below). After seeing this video I immediately put this trip on my bucket list. I do not know if I would attempt this on my own as Walter did but it is definitely something I would like to do someday.

Other trips that I (Chappy) would like to check off in the coming years. I would like to ride The Tail of the Dragon and Blue Ridge Parkway which are close and could be done on the same trip. These rides seem to have some amazing scenery and the roads look like they would be so much fun on a motorcycle. I would also like to travel up the Pacific Coast Highway and as mentioned before the Dalton Highway in Alaska. Of course there are other places in the world I would love to see, but these would be more difficult for me to do before retirement.

Cody has the current 10 BDR’s on his to do list. Having already completed Utah and having been on several others partially, he has a good amount of the checklist started. Cody has been on the Idaho, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico in addition to completing the Utah. Cody would also like to go to New Zealand and Baja.

With plans to travel East (covid dependent) and do the Mid Atlantic and the North East in the summer of 2021 he will only be 3 short of having tires down on all of the current BDR’s. We are hoping to start in Virginia and ride to Canada on the MABDR and NEBDR time permitting. We think that there will be a need for 13 days to do this trip in a relaxing way and not rush through. Fingers crossed that things are not derailed and we are able to pull this trip off.

Links for Topics talked about in the Podcast:

BDR website

Walter Kitundu Dalton highway video:

Tire Pump from podcast

Tire repair kits from amazon

For repairing Tubes

For tubeless tires

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  1. I agree Chappy, the dalton highway to Alaska sounds awesome…my brother got to go last year while i had to stay home and cry lol! The dragon is pretty good, im glad i got to go once but im kinda used to curvey roads!

    • Hi Jay, I am jealous you got to ride the dragon. I too have a lot of curvy roads here to ride on, I sometimes feel sorry for some of the content creators when I see them on flat straight roads all the time.

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