Camping 101: Choosing a Campsite

When choosing a campsite there are several factors that you need to take into account before pitching your tent. There are many ways to find a campsite and if your paying some places will assign you a site. For those that are dispersed camping you will get to pick your own campsite.

When choosing a campsite one of the most important factors to consider is if you are in a legal camping area. If you are, the first thing you are looking for is a place that has been used before. We do not want to go into an area that has not been used for camping and make a new fire pit for example. You also want to look for signs of a party spot. Are there cans littered around the area? Is it a popular animal area, tracks and animal waste are signs that it is a common area for animals.

Is there a level spot for you to put your tent on? Looking at the area, check the trees to make sure the limbs all look healthy and none of them are barely hanging on. You do not want a limb falling from a tree on your tent while you are sleeping because the wind picks up over night. Make sure you are far enough off the road that you are not easily seen for safety as well as some places this is a requirement.

Get yourself a routine for checking the site, pitching your tent, and even cooking. Having a routine makes things go quicker and allows you to relax more because you are not constantly thinking “ok what’s next?” If you are looking for more tips on choosing a site our podcast on this subject may give you some ideas.

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