In our trailer episode Cody and I discuss what we want to talk about in our podcast, from Adventure to Motorcycles and Camping.

We also go into detail about our kickoff Give Away. We will be randomly giving those that enter a chance to win,

1) One book written by Tim Collins of FTA Adventures: The Fundamentals of Motorcycle Camping

2) One bag of Signature 2 Wheels and a Tent Living The Dream Coffee by Highway 40 Roasting Company

3) One $25 Revzilla gift card

4) One Choose the Podcast Topic, you pick the topic. (Must be motorcycle, camping or similarly related to our podcast.)

Head on over to your favorite podcast provider and subscribe (for free) to our show so you are notified when a new episode releases. You do not want to miss the giveaway and you have to listen to get the details. Stay tuned for more info!

You can find all of the providers here:

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